14th February, 2018    JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi

Small Makes it a Big Difference!

About The Event

While Native to Glocal is the buzz word and the vision statements are overtaken with action-led approaches, the pioneers who guided us through the tough times and achieved path breaking milestones, it is time for us to pay tribute to those Business Bravehearts!

Small Business Award 2018 is the glorious opportunity for your business to get countrywide acclaim and recognition. Considered as the most coveted awards show complementing the league's best across SMEs, SMB and new and emerging small scale ventures, Small Business Awards 2018 is bound to leap ahead the achievers across sectors and sub-sectors.!

Award Categories

Small Business Of The Year - Manufacturing

  • Textile manufacturing business of the year Manufacturing business in textile industry- men, women, kids apparels
  • Food & Beverages business of the year Food processing or producer of food and beverage ingredients
  • Petrochemical business of the year Petrochemical and petroleum product manufacturing businesses
  • Engineering & Allied Goods Businesses manufacturing engineering goods, Industrial machines and machinery parts
  • Pharmaceutical business of the year Pharmaceutical manufacturer and supplier of quality drugs
  • Automotive and ancillary business of the year Automobiles and automotive components manufacturing businesses
  • Home and home products business of the year Construction firms, home furnishing and home de'cor products, home appliances
  • Craft based business of the year Manufacturing business where the goods are produces by hands by artisans
  • Leather goods manufacturing business of the year Manufacturing business for leather goods- fashion accessories, apparels, footwear etc.

Small Business Of The Year - Services

  • Food And Beverages Business Of The Year Restaurants, cafes, and all kinds of food outlets
  • Training And Education Business Of The Year Education institutes providing professional/non-professional courses
  • Automotive And Ancillary Business Of The Year Repair and maintenance services for automobiles and automotive components
  • Travel And Tourism Business Of The Year Travel agencies & travel booking facilitators, Tour operator services, Tourist guide providers, hospitality services- hotels, theme parks
  • Transportation And Logistics Business Of The Year Transport / Logistics services to businesses over large geographic area
  • E- Commerce Business Of The Year Businesses trading in products or services using online platform
  • It & Ites Business Of The Year IT services like IT consultancy, data management services, software applications, and software development process
  • Healthcare, Beauty & Wellness Business Of The Year Health facilities like nursing homes, pharmacy etc and also for SMEs involved in beauty, wellness business
  • Financial Services Business Of The Year SMEs providing financial services direct to customers or to other businesses- wealth management, investment institutes, insurance companies, stock brokerages etc.