Awards Categories
Small Business Of The Year - Manufacturing
  • Textile manufacturing business of the year Manufacturing business in textile industry- men, women, kids apparels
  • Leather goods manufacturing business of the year Manufacturing business for leather goods- fashion accessories, apparels, footwear etc.
  • Food & Beverages business of the year Food processing or producer of food and beverage ingredients
  • Petrochemical business of the year Petrochemical and petroleum product manufacturing businesses
  • Engineering & Allied Goods Businesses manufacturing engineering goods, Industrial machines and machinery parts
  • Pharmaceutical business of the year Pharmaceutical manufacturer and supplier of quality drugs
  • Automotive and ancillary business of the year Automobiles and automotive components manufacturing businesses
  • Home and home products business of the year Construction firms, home furnishing and home de'cor products, home appliances
  • Craft based business of the year Manufacturing business where the goods are produces by hands by artisans
Small Business Of The Year - Services
  • Food And Beverages Business Of The Year Restaurants, cafes, and all kinds of food outlets
  • Training And Education Business Of The Year Education institutes providing professional/non-professional courses
  • Automotive And Ancillary Business Of The Year Repair and maintenance services for automobiles and automotive components
  • Transportation And Logistics Business Of The Year Transport / Logistics services to businesses over large geographic area
  • Travel And Tourism Business Of The Year Travel agencies & travel booking facilitators, Tour operator services, Tourist guide providers, hospitality services- hotels, theme parks
  • It & Ites Business Of The Year IT services like IT consultancy, data management services, software applications, and software development process
  • Healthcare, Beauty & Wellness Business Of The Year Health facilities like nursing homes, pharmacy etc and also for SMEs involved in beauty, wellness business
  • E- Commerce Business Of The Year Businesses trading in products or services using online platform
  • Financial Services Business Of The Year SMEs providing financial services direct to customers or to other businesses- wealth management, investment institutes, insurance companies, stock brokerages etc.
Small Business Of The Year
  • Gems And Jewellery Business Of The Year Best Gems & Jewellery business of the Year- manufacturing/service, online/offline
  • Printing And Publishing Business Of The Year Businesses offering printing and publishing services/products
  • Agri Business Of The Year Agricultural / processing businesses (products / services)
  • Energy Business Of The Year Businesses involved in the production and sale of energy, including fuel extraction, manufacturing, refining and distribution; also businesses providing energy solutions
Small Business Of The Year - Trading Business
  • Best Exporter Of The Year Business with bulk sales in overseas market (service /product)
  • Wholesale Business Of The Year Wholesale trading of commodities (metals, non ferrous items, agricultural products) & distribution networks like wholesalers, franchises, etc.
  • Retail Business Of The Year Retail trade (goods/ services) selling directly to consumers
  • Dealer/ Distributor Of The Year Dealer/distributor of goods or services
Small Business Of The Year - Support Business
  • Professional Service Provider Of The Year Professional service / solution supplier to SMEs- consultancy, legal services
  • Financial Institution Of The Year Banks and financial institutions significantly contributing to SMEs
  • Small Business Mentor Of The Year Professional service providers / facilitators (financial / non- financial) helping SMEs for improved operations
  • Technology Provider Of The Year Technological services / products suppliers helping enhance SMEs' competitive edge and operation efficiency
  • Human Resource Provider Of The Year Business providing best human resource to SMEs
Business Of The Year
  • Micro Business Of The Year Net sales less than 5 crores in FY 2016-17
  • Small Business Of The Year Net sales between 5 crores to 15 crores in FY 2016-17
  • Medium Business Of The Year Net sales between 15 crores to 100 crores in FY 2016-17
  • Creative Business Of The Year SME into product design or design services
  • Start Up Of The Year Young SMEs (young SME having launched or started not more than a year) with great potential to become big in local / international markets
  • Dynamic Business Of The Year SMEs having adopted best business practices and shown remarkable growth in a limited period of time
  • Innovative Business Of The Year Business with an innovative concept or introduced innovation in the service or product or any business functionality
  • Green Business Of The Year Business that demonstrates an outstanding commitment to sustainability
  • Home Grown Business Of The Year Business began in domestic surroundings with excellent corporate performance
  • Fastest Growing Small Business Of The Year Top performer in small businesses in terms of revenue, profit and returns
  • Best Use Of Technology In Small Business Award Business that has used technology in a way that has led to improved performance and productivity
  • Entrepreneur Of The Year A business owner who has achieved remarkable success in his entrepreneurial venture
  • Young Entrepreneur of the year Young entrepreneur who demonstrates exceptional achievements in the SME
  • Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year SME headed or created by woman entrepreneurs to salute their entrepreneurial spirit
  • Lifetime Achievement Award Salute an individual/organization for lifelong commitment to the cause of SMEs in the country

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